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Vision & Mission

It is primarily the investment made to the human. We carry our family bonds we established with each other when we were a small company to an institutional identity. We consider our country in an ultimate advantageous geographic position regarding the Iron-Steel market and we prepare our medium-long period strategies in a way to make more export to our neighbours. We know the secret of success as one of the most rapidly growing companies of the Iron-Steel sector in recent years; quality, appropriate price, wide range of products and sustainability. Our mission is to spread the roots of our supply means deeper. For this purpose, in the hot and cold mill facilities we have obtained, we will continue our researches for obtaining higher quality with lower costs broadening, by means of getting support from universities. We will continue being one of the most powerful suppliers of our market by means of adding new items into our product range and keeping our strategic storage levels under control.

Our Values

  • to add value to our country and community,
  • to create resources for long lasting learning and developing,
  • to be “best” and “most reliable” one forever,
  • to be aware of the fact that our resource of competent people is our most crucial capital,
  • to produce without swerving from quality,
  • to create new added values with our experiences.

Our Enviromental Policy

As we invest today, posterity will get benefit from it tomorrow. Every planted tree and every green area are gifts for the world, humanity, ourselves and our children. We pay attention to employing resources which are necessary for preventing contamination of air, water and soil in accordance with legislation and administrative regulations related to environment in effect and terms on which we are dependent per se. We provide for reducing wastes emerging in the course of activities by taking them under control and removing them in an appropriate way.

We help hardware initiatives unite without compromising technology, size and desirability.